5 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Roofing

5 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Roofing

Roofing is something we rarely consider in our daily lives. If we do have to think about it, it’s often because something is wrong. We want to get past that stigma and help you think positively about roofing. More specifically, we want to help you think about how to make your roofing more energy efficient. A little proactive effort can save you a lot of money and improve your quality of life. These tips from Vertex Roofing Contractors SLC roofing contractors will get you started.

Choosing the Right Color

Is a dark or light roof better? It’s a fair question, and as is always the case in real life, the answer depends. Light-colored roofing is much better for keeping a house or building cool during the peak summer months and can save considerable money on air conditioning. As you might expect, dark colors help keep a cold room warm. Color difference can change a roof’s temperature by as much as 60 degrees. Usually, you can give a flat answer to someone based on where they live. According to advice from roofing contractors in Utah, things are a little more complicated.

The extreme difference between summer and winter make this a tough call —, especially in Salt Lake City. The best way to make a decision is to look at your monthly energy bills. If summer is at least 20-percent higher, go with a light roof shingle color. Otherwise, dark is more energy efficient.

Which Material Is Best?

Determining what roofing material is most energy efficient requires a few extra considerations. Base cost is obviously a concern. So is maintenance. For those two issues, asphalt shingles are usually the best. But, if energy efficiency matters most, then asphalt is no longer the winner. Slate and metal roofing are both superior on this front. Which you choose will often be a matter of aesthetics. If you've ever wondered, "are metal roofs energy efficient?", metal roofing is a little better in both hot and cold weather. The reflective surface mitigates summer heat, but the way metal can seal tightly is good for winter insulation. In many cases, it provides the most energy efficient roof, but not everyone prefers the aesthetic. There are a number of options that are still better for efficiency than asphalt that can help anyone who doesn’t love metal.

Check the Air Flow

We just mentioned a tight seal in passing, but it’s actually extremely important. The ability for air to flow through roofing bears a huge impact on efficiency. In case you haven’t noticed a trend yet, there are two ways to go. Many clay or tiled roofing designs allow air to flow beneath the outermost layer of the roof. This is great for keeping things chilled in the hot months. Conversely, a tight seal that prevents any air flow will collect heat, and that saves your heater a lot of work in the winter.

Does a New Roof Help Energy Efficiency?

There’s a big debate as to whether it’s better to replace or upgrade a roof. If you want energy efficient roof coatings or to upgrade to the best roof color for energy efficiency, you don’t need a replacement. Those upgrades are perfectly acceptable.

In plenty of cases, the best move for the biggest gains is an entirely new roof. You can’t just put the most energy efficient metal roof color on top of shingles. It clearly won’t work. So, if you do need to completely replace the whole roof, keep in mind what you’ve learned above with this simple checklist:

  • What is the best roof color for energy efficiency?
  • Which energy efficient roofing material fits your budget?
  • Durability and maintenance matter as much as roof color and energy efficiency.

SLC Vertex Roofing Contractors Installs Energy Efficient Roofing in Utah

There are plenty of ways to get energy efficient roofing, and doing so can save you plenty of money throughout the year. In Utah, picking the right stuff can be more challenging, but if you use your energy bill as a guide, you can get it right. Of course, you can also ask an expert for their advice. Vertex Roofing Contractors Salt Lake City Roofing Contractors is just a call away and our residential and commercial roofing contractors are always ready to help you get the right roof.

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