5 Myths About Metal Roofing

5 Myths About Metal Roofing

When you are looking to replace your roof and are interested in finding roofing materials that will stand the test of time, a metal roof will be your most effective option. As with any significant advancement comes a mix of fact and fiction and metal roofs are no different. While there are multiple myths surrounding metal roofs below are five of the most common.

Myth # 1 - A Metal Roof Will Eventually Rust

When you think of metal, you often think of rust, but with a metal roof, the material and preparation help to prevent them from any rust damage. The steel roof is covered with a metallic coating that includes zinc or a mixture of aluminum and zinc which is then bonded to the steel.

Myth #2 - A Metal Roof Will Attract Lightning

While metal is a good conductor of electricity it by no means attracts lightning. Lightning will strike the highest object in the air, which is most often trees. Buildings are a less likely place for lightning to strike. In the unlikely event that your roof is struck by lightning, it will be safer for your home as a metal roof is noncombustible.

Myth #3 - Hail Can Dent a Metal Roof

Not only will you metal roof be safe in the up to 150 miles per hour winds that sometimes accompany hail storms, but it will also hold up through years and years of heavy snow and average size hail storms. When unusually large hail occurs, there is a risk of denting, but this large size of hail that would also significantly damage an average roof.

Myth #4 - Rain Will be Loud on a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are installed over your current roof which should already be insulated. Additionally, many metal roofs are created with a solid metal sheathing which provides additional insulation from noise. Because of this, often times rain, hail, and wind are quieter when falling on a metal roof and you will most likely experience less noise than you did with your previous roof.

Myth #5 - A Metal Roof Will Make the House Too Hot or Too Cold

Afraid a metal roof will create more of a utility cost? Metal roofs help your home in any temperature. When it comes to heat, your home is protected by the layer of insulation between your ceiling and attic, so a metal roof will not change its ability to retain heat. In areas with heavy snow and ice, a metal roof will not have the same issues with ice dams that can cause winter leaks.

If you live in an area where there is extreme heat and significant sunlight exposure, you will see a reduction in cooling costs as a metal roof will reflect the light instead of absorbing. For areas prone to wildfires, a metal roof can prevent the fire from spreading to your home as it is noncombustible.

Is a Metal Roof the Best Choice for Your Home?

Now that the myths of metal roofing have been dispelled, before making your roofing decision, you will also want to look at the benefits of a metal roof.

Advantages of metal roofing are:

  • They can last 40 to 70 years
  • They are noncombustible
  • They can help your home become energy efficient
  • They are extremely durable

Metal Roofing Experts: Vertex Roofing Contractors in Utah

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