Lessen Your Stress with a Certified Roofing Contractor

It’s been on your mind for a few years now, but the time has finally come to deal with replacing your roof. Thankfully this isn’t something we deal with often, but when the time comes, it’s going to cost time and money. It may be tempting to choose the lowest bid, but when it comes to roofing contractors, there is a lot more than job quotes that distinguishes the best in the business from everyone else. The best way to guarantee your new roof will be installed properly is to use a certified roofing contractor. Choosing the right company can lessen your stress now as well as down the road.

Held to the Highest Standards

Our contractors at Vertex Roofing are proud we hold the CertainTeed Select Shingle Master designation. This credential isn’t just handed out. CertainTeed Shingle Masters have passed challenging tests on industry information and shingle installation. This means we have proved we know the ins and outs of the roofing industry and have shown we can do what we say we do consistently and with excellence.

Because we are committed to being the best in our industry, our Salt Lake City, Utah Vertex Roofing Contractors are also Owens Corning certified. The requirements of our designations include maintaining proper licenses and insurance.

As Certified Roofing Contractors we also:

· Are factory-certified.
· Have a proven reputation in our community.
· Are committed to continuing industry education.

Don't overlook the distinction of SELECT Shingle Master. This elite designation indicates our owner has completed a Business Fiscal Responsibility Exam. Vertex Roofing Contractors has been in business for over 15 years, and fiscal responsibility means those deep roots we’ve planted in the community will continue to grow.

Customer Benefits of Hiring a Certified Roofing Contractor

Certified roofing distinctions guarantee you will hire a knowledgeable, professional roofer, but there are additional benefits for our customers that make the work of obtaining industry certifications an important process for our Vertex Roofing team.

SELECT Shingle Masters fromCertainTeed and Owens Corning means we can offer our Vertex Roofing customers the best industry warranties on labor and materials.

Hiring a certified roofing contractor provides peace of mind in so many ways. As certified contractors, we are required to have proper insurance and licensing. This means we are required to meet the standards established by the state of Utah.

We didn’t earn the 5 Star 2017 Home Improvement Roofing Reviewer’s Choice award by meeting the standard. At Vertex Roofing we proudly exceed the status quo with our customer guarantee.

Our Customer Guarantee Includes:

  • A full 50-year warranty on every residential project we complete.
  • High-Quality GAF products.
  • Choose from a variety of roofing material options.
  • A roof-repair quote within 24 hours.
  • Efficient, high-quality contractors.
  • Having only fully licensed and insured contractors on every project.
  • Special financing available for 60 months on approved credit.

At Vertex Roofing, We are Certified Roofing Contractors in Utah You Can Trust

Are you ready to hire a certified roofing contractor in Utah and reduce your stress? We provide roof installations, repairs, maintenance, inspections, and replacements to residential and commercial buildings in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. Contact Vertex Roofing today for your free estimate. Our bids are always honest and transparent. Feel free to give us a call at 801-639-0477.

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How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

Prevent Damage by Preparing Your Roof for Winter Snow and Ice

While the glint and glimmer of freshly fallen snow may present the perfect backdrop for a photograph, it’s massive weight can create a number of serious problems resulting in expensive repairs to your home. Icicles on your gutters are an obvious red flag indicating damage, yet other conditions, such as ice dams, form beneath the snowfall on your roof without any visible warning signs. Regular roof and gutter inspections along with proper maintenance go a long way towards preventing problems, but heavy snowfall may need to be carefully removed from your rooftop to prevent collapse of the structure.

Potential Damage From Snow and/or Ice

While not an all inclusive list, snow and/or ice have the potential to create any or all of the following types of damage to your home:

  1. Ice dams. In certain weather conditions (particularly in homes with a poorly ventilated attic), snow may begin to melt above your home's warm interior space while the snow and/or ice at the edges of the roof (the eaves) remains frozen. This situation prevents proper runoff and creates standing water which can result in serious water damage. Proper attic ventilation is key to prevention.
  2. Gutter damage. Gutters which are clogged with leaves, dirt and/or other debris encourage the formation of icicles when air temperatures are below freezing but sunshine warms the exterior surfaces of your home. Icicles can be extremely heavy and may result in damage to your gutters and/or the roof itself.
  3. Collapse of the structure. Although not a common scenario in homes which have been built to code, heavy snowfall does have the potential to overburden structural components and can cause building collapse if not promptly removed. Rooftop snow removal can be a dangerous procedure, however, and is best handled by a professional roofing contractor.
  4. Damage from tree branches. The extra weight from snow and/or ice has the potential to pull tree limbs down into contact with your roof, causing damage to the shingles. If a limb happens to break and land on your roof, structural damage could also occur.
  5. Leakage around skylights. Weep holes surrounding skylights are designed to release interior condensation yet often become blocked from snow or ice. Trapped condensation will then begin to leak into your home and can cause water damage on structural components, ceilings and more.

Preventative Maintenance is Key to Avoiding Costly Damage

Preventative maintenance, including regular roofing inspections, cleaning of gutters and snow removal when necessary are all key to avoiding costly repairs with your roof, gutters, ceilings and more. Replacing worn shingles before winter storms arrive, trimming tree limbs and cleaning out the gutters are inexpensive procedures which can be completed within a short window of time. Be aware, however, that improper techniques for snow removal are not only potentially dangerous but may inadvertently cause damage to the roof itself. Snow shovels have a tendency to damage shingles and chemicals such as calcium chloride or rock salt applied to melt snow or ice may actually void the warranty of your roof.

Utah Roofing Professionals Bring Peace of Mind to Your Life

Hiring a professional roofing contractor will simplify all aspects of roofing maintenance and/or repairs and bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the job has been done right. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Vertex Roofing Contractors will provide you with 15 years of experience, free estimates and special financing for a full 60 months for those with approved credit. Contact us today to find out how we can best assist you.

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5 Common Roofing Problems in Winter

Winter Hates Your Roof

Winter is here and with it comes cold howling winds, snow, and ice. These are all enemies of your roof. Between them, they can cause a host of problems that make winter a nightmare. At this point, it may be too late for you to do preventative maintenance, but if you know what to look for, you can stop major problems from developing.

1. Strong Winds

Utah is no stranger to winter wind storms. We spent a lot of time cleaning up after the windstorm of December 2011. Strong winds can loosen asphalt shingles or blow them off roofs. Loss of shingle coverage can allow water to flow into your home. If you find shingles in your yard after a storm or notice missing shingles on your roof, you should call Vertex Roofing immediately. We will replace the missing shingles so that your roof will continue to protect your home.

2. Flashing Damage

Flashing are the metal strips that protect the corners and peaks of a roof. They are also placed on the front edge of a roof and around skylights and chimneys. Winter storms can damage flashing causing it to peel away from your roof. If this happens, water leaks are sure to follow. After a storm, take a few moments to check your flashing for damage.

3. Ice Dams

As winter progresses, snow and ice mounts up on your roof. During the day, as temperatures rise, melting occurs. In a perfect scenario, melt water flows off your roof or is evacuated by gutters. However, if your gutters are blocked by debris or water has frozen in your downspouts, ice dams can form. This is a serious problem. When water remains on your roof and refreezes, significant damage can occur. Shingles can be pushed off or even worse, damage to your roof deck or underlayment can occur, allowing water to seep into your home. Water dams can also block ventilation spaces in your attic causing condensation to form. If not handled promptly, condensation is an invitation for mold to form.

4. Trees

While tall trees are a beautiful adornment to a yard, if they are close to your home, they can cause considerable damage. Winter winds can cause branches to repeatedly hit roofs, causing damage to shingles and flashing. Strong winds can break weakened limbs off a tree. Should one fall on a roof they can damage to underlayment or roof decking, causing thousands of dollars in repairs. If you have trees that tower over your roof, it is in your best interest to get them trimmed.

5. Icicles

While icicles are beautiful, they can be a danger to people walking underneath. While this problem can be avoided by keeping a safe perimeter, it doesn’t solve the damage they can cause to a roof. Icicles grow through the day/night warming and cooling process. They can become heavy enough that they harm roofs and gutters. They can also cause ice dams to form. The best way to prevent icicles from forming is to keep your gutters clean and allow your downspouts to transfer water unimpeded.

Is Your Roof Safe? Contact Our SLC, UT Roofing Professionals for an Inspection Today

While winter weather in and of itself is dangerous to your roof, it is the ice and snow that covers it that makes detection of winter problems so difficult. Usually, it's too late when they make themselves known. If you are not sure how your roof is handling the weather, call us at Vertex Roofing. Our Salt Lake City, Utah team of certified roofing professionals will be happy to assess your roof, provide preventative maintenance and provide tips to keep it in optimal condition. Give us a call at 801-639-0477 to request a free bid today.

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Why is Roofing Insulation Important?

Why is Roofing Insulation Important - Vertex Roofing Salt Lake City

Did you know that you could be spending double the amount you need to in order to heat and cool your home? Here's what you need to know:

The Problem

Most of the total energy used in a home or business goes toward maintaining the temperature. But the wrong roofing insulation material could be costing you by failing to maintain a comfortable temperature, despite your HVACs’ best efforts. That’s because poorly insulated roofs allow half of the heat in a home or business in the winter (and cool air in the summer). Thus, wasted energy means you pay a higher utility bill and likely never feel comfortable.
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5 Simple Signs of Water Damage to Your Roof After a Storm  

Roofs degrade over long periods of time, but even new roofs may need repair. Wind and water damage is a common result after a large storm whips through. Wind can bend shingles or rip them off, branches and debris can drag across your roof, and clogged gutters might cause rainwater to back up. A roof in need of repair can create leaks and damage the inner-workings of your house. Take precaution beforehand. It’s important to inspect your roof if you think there’s even a slight chance of damage. Vertex Roofing is a full-service roofing company and a preferred contractor in Salt Lake City. We offer free estimates with 24-hour quick quote service.

Safeguard your home from further devastation. Below are five signs that your roof may have sustained water damage.

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Here’s Why Autumn is the Perfect Time for Preventative Maintenance on Commercial Roofs

Why Does Your Commercial Roof Need Maintenance?

While commercial roofing has come a long way regarding durability, semi-annual inspections and maintenance is essential to maintaining your roof and preventing premature wear or damage. Your commercial roof is part of your business assets and preserving that asset will save you costly repairs and replacements down the road.

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4 Ways Leaf Guards Can Save You Time, Money And Headaches

The first signs of fall foliage create mixed emotion for homeowners. The colors are lovely to look at. On the other hand, it also signals the beginning of winter and your gutters are about to get clogged up by falling leaves. If your eyes go from limbs to gutters, a ladder, gloves and a lot of elbow grease can be imagined in your future. But gutter maintenance doesn’t and shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Salt Lake City roofing company. At Vertex Roofing, we help property owners take a headache out of gutters. We provide roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs if you’ve experienced roof damage such as leaking from clogged gutters. Consider these four reasons why leaf guards make sense for your home.

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5 Telltale Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

If you are like most people, then you probably don't think about your roof very often. However, if you enjoy having a comfortable, dry home, then you really should regularly inspect your roof. Don’t wait until buckets of water are pouring through your kitchen to pay attention to what is going on with your roof.

Your roof has to be able to stand up to a lot of different conditions. Depending on where you live, it is subjected to a wide variety of weather—snow, sun, wind, rain and sometimes even hail.

Here are some things that roofing expert contractors from Vertex Roofing say that you should pay attention to when it comes to your roof. These things can indicate that you need a roofing repair.

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