5 Simple Signs of Water Damage to Your Roof After a Storm  

5 Simple Signs of Water Damage to Your Roof After a Storm  

Roofs degrade over long periods of time, but even new roofs may need repair. Wind and water damage is a common result after a large storm whips through. Wind can bend shingles or rip them off, branches and debris can drag across your roof, and clogged gutters might cause rainwater to back up. A roof in need of repair can create leaks and damage the inner-workings of your house. Take precaution beforehand. It’s important to inspect your roof if you think there’s even a slight chance of damage. Vertex Roofing Contractors is a full-service roofing company and a preferred contractor in Salt Lake City. We offer free estimates with 24-hour quick quote service.

Safeguard your home from further devastation. Below are five signs that your roof may have sustained water damage.

1. How Are Your Shingles?

The first step is to assess your roof. Look for missing pieces or shingles curled at the corners. Corners and edges are prime areas for wind damage. Cracked and bent shingles are a prelude to complications ahead.

2. What is the Color of Your Roof?

Stand back and look at your roof from a macro-perspective. Does it look discolored or decayed? Are some parts darker than other parts? If dark streaks have formed down your roof, you may have an algae problem. But this can be fixed easily.

3. Are Seams Exposed?

Why is flashing important? It’s a resistant barrier that prevents water from seeping through exposed joints. Check the flashing around your chimney and along the seams of your roof and vents. If any pieces are missing, bent, or loose, water can find its way into your house. If this occurs, you might not notice water damage until moisture seeps out beside your fireplace.

4. Is there Mold or Water Stains Beneath?

Climb in your attic to search for possible exposure to the elements. The easiest way to scan for holes or a crack in your roof is to look for sunlight seeping through the top. However, you might not see any light. In fact, many times water can trickle through tiny cracks that are too small for sunshine. In this case, look for mold along the wooden beams or discoloration of your insulation. If your attic is filled with storage boxes, check the outside of boxes for water stains.

5. How’s Your Ceiling?

Do your ceilings or walls have any signs of damage? When there’s a water leak in the attic, over time, the white taping placed over joints in the sheetrock can loosen and peel. Faded water spots will form prior to it physically leaking onto your floors. Look for these spots before further damage occurs.

Vertex Roofing Contractors Salt Lake City, Utah

A roof is the most important part of your house. Without a solid roof, everything beneath becomes spoiled. The devastation to your ceiling, walls, and attic can cost far more than maintaining the structure of your roof in the first place. If you suspect roof damage, Vertex Roofing Contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah offers free estimates and financing available for 12 months on approved credit. We are licensed contractors who are insured and certified with 20+ years of experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote! Give us a call at 801-438-6722.

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