worn roofThe roof is one of the most essential structural components of your home. Whether you live in a brand new house or an older property, it is highly important to keep up on your residential roof repair needs. Even the best maintained roof will eventually need to be replaced. With a new roof replacement procedure, you can rest assured that your home will be properly protected from the elements. If you are shopping for a new roof in Salt Lake City, it is important to work with a respected roofing company. Here is a look at some of the signs that your home needs a roof replacement.

Shingle Damage

Shingle damage is one of the top signs that your roof needs to be replaced. While mild and moderate shingle damage can be repaired with roof maintenance procedures, more extensive damage may indicate that your home is in need of a new roof. Over time, your shingles will begin to crack, peel, and disintegrate. If you can spot several areas of shingle damage on your roof, do not hesitate to contact a roof contractor.

Moisture or Mold

Your roof is designed to protect your home from mold and moisture. When you are in need of a roof replacement, you may see signs of excessive moisture or mold on your roof. In addition, you may also see areas where your roof is sagging. These sagging areas are an indication of a major roof leak.


The age of your roof is another factor that can be used to determine when it is time for a replacement. As a general rule of thumb, an asphalt or cedar roof will need to be replaced every couple of decades. Your roof repair expert can expect your roof for signs of damage, and let you know whether a roof replacement is the best course of action.