Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Utah winters can be brutal, and during the coldest months, few areas of your home are exposed to the detriments of the climate like your roof. Although there are multiple issues that your roof can incur during the winter, Vertex Roofing Contractors can help you ensure that your roofing structure remains intact throughout the season. Contact us to get your roof winter-ready before the coldest temperatures set in.

Common Roofing Problems in the Winter

There are numerous things that can cause your roof to have functional or structural issues during the winter months. Here are some of the more common problems.


Leaks are common, especially for homeowners who have a sloped a roof. Strips of flashing usually border the front edge and corners of a roof and rest along the perimeters of skylights and chimneys. During winter storms, strong winds can cause the flashing to disconnect from the roofing material or leave the strips damaged and weathered, resulting in gaps and leaks. Leaks can also form from missing shingles or shakes that have been loosened or dislodged by the wind. If shingles or shakes have fallen from your roof, they should be replaced quickly to prevent more significant damage from developing.


Icicles often occur during frigid winter days that are bright and sunny. The long strands of frozen water can clog downspouts and gutters, and heavy accumulations can cause roof damage because of the excessive weight. Icicles are more likely to form when gutters are filled with debris, such as leaves, that can trap water.

Snow Accumulations

Snow can quickly accumulate on a roof, and the weight of the icy, white material can eventually be too great for a roof to withstand. Inappropriate removal methods can result in snow being shoveled from one area of the roof to another, promoting roof damage or collapse from an overload.

Dams of Ice

Ice creates dams as the frozen water on the upper areas of a roof thaws while the ice around the perimeter of the roofing structure remains frozen. Thawed ice flows down and freezes again as it reaches the roof’s edges and gutters, forming a dam of ice. When water starts to accumulate behind the dam, your roof could start to leak.

Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Preparing your roof for winter only takes a few simple steps:

  • Clean your roof: By clearing debris from your roof, gutters and downspouts, you can more easily inspect your roofing structure and help ensure that the accumulated material does not trap moisture or puncture your shingles. The roof can be cleared with a blower or broom, and a power washer can be used to dislodge mold growth.
  • Assess your roof. A thorough inspection should be performed before winter weather gets underway. Look for areas where the roof's structure is breached along the base of your chimneys, around skylights and at any roofing joints. Also search for damaged shingles, weak spots and buckled areas.
  • Secure loose shingles. Loose shingles or shakes can be nailed down to stabilize them against winter winds.

Professional Roof Preparation and Repairs from Vertex Roofing Contractors

If your roof is in need of repairs or cold weather preparation, the professionals at Vertex Roofing Contractors can help. We are full service roofing contractors, so we offer inspectionsmaintenance and repairs, and roof replacements. If you suspect that your roof has suffered damage from the winter weather or is not prepared for frigid conditions, call us at 801-639-0477 or contact us online to set up a free inspection. We can locate problems and remedy them before the condition of your roof worsens.

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