4 Reasons Why Gutters are Essential for Every Home

4 Reasons Why Gutters are Essential for Every Home

Gutters are One of the Most Important Parts of Your Home

Roof inspectors should inspect the gutters and downspouts when performing the scheduled roof inspections. The roof inspector should ensure that your house gutters are the appropriate size, that the downspouts divert the water at least four or six feet away from the foundation of the house, and that they are free of cracks, holes, and rust.

Often, homeowners tend to focus on other aspects of the roof and ignore the importance of rain gutters. In this post, we discuss the purpose of gutters on a house and why you need them.

Why Are Rain Gutters Important?

So, why do you need gutters on your house? Gutters channel rainwater into downspouts, which direct the water away from your home’s foundation, siding, doors, and windows. Some of the reasons why gutters are important and why you should care for them include:

1. Gutters Help You Avoid Foundation Problems

Although your home’s foundation may be sturdy, it is not invincible. This means that your foundation might not withstand damages which exposure to water may bring about. In the absence of the gutters, the rainwater may pool against the house. Over time, this could cause cracks and pores on your foundation. Prolonged exposure may compromise your home’s structural integrity.

2. Gutters Preserve the Life of Your Roofing Shingles and Prevent Your House from Flooding

How important are gutters in preventing water damage? In their proper condition, gutters should divert water away from your house. When they are clogged, damaged, or removed, water damage occurs. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up on your roof, leading to roof damage, leakages, and in serious cases, your roof may cave in. Pooled water around your home may eventually find its way into your basement leading to property damage and mold growth.

3. Your Turf and Landscaping is Preserved as Gutters Prevent Erosion

Since the rainwater is likely to pool around the house in the absence of gutters, the soil and plants around your house are bound to get damaged. Installing gutters and downspouts and making sure they are well maintained is key to preserving your turf and landscape.

4. Gutters Protect the Siding of Your House

In the absence of gutters, water seeps onto your windows, doors, and siding. Over time, this leads to paint damage, staining and rotting. The humid siding makes a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

How to Maintain Your Gutters

Most people do not think about gutter cleaning until they start noticing roof leaks or ice dams during the winter. You should do a thorough gutter inspection at least twice annually.

  • During the inspection, ensure that the gutters are securely fastened onto your roof and that they do not sag.
  • Start by getting a ladder and a gutter trowel to scoop out any debris out of your gutters to prevent clogging.
  • Once you are done, test the water flow by flushing them with a water hose.
  • Once they are clean, consider installing gutter guards.
  • Clogged downspouts only cause the rainwater to back up and spill over the sides in the event of a rainstorm. As it’s impossible to clean the insides of most downspouts, use a high-pressure nozzle to clear out any clogs and test the flow of water.

Regularly check your home gutters for signs of corrosion or rust, cracks, and gaps. While gaps and holes can be effectively sealed with a gutter seal, you will need to replace the entire gutter system if the damage is extensive.

For Roof Repair, Replacement, and Inspections in Utah Choose Vertex Roofing Contractors SLC

If you are not comfortable cleaning the gutters yourself or you have no idea what you should be looking out for when inspecting your gutters call in a professional roof and gutter inspector in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vertex Roofing Contractors SLC will not only install your home’s roof and gutters but will also help you clean and maintain them. Our certified and experienced SLC roofing contractors also specialize in repairing and replacing old gutters, and shingles in Utah. Contact us today at 801-639-0477 for a free bid or to learn more about the benefits of gutters and schedule an installation.   

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