Rain Gutters in the WinterYour roof is one of the most important structural features of your home. Over the years and seasons, your roof will experience natural wear and tear. Eventually, every home will require a roof replacement from a qualified roofing company. When you are considering having a new roof installed, it is helpful to learn about the different parts that make up your home's roof. At Vertex Roofing Contractors, we offer roof replacements in Salt Lake City, Utah and can answer all of your questions about the structural components of your roof. Read on for more information about the anatomy of a roof.



Flashing refers to the pieces of metal that are usually used to divert water from areas where it might collect including but not limited to the valleys and hips. Roof flashing can be made from a wide variety of materials including coated copper, a galvanized iron, stainless steel, or copper.


This is what makes the outermost section of the roof. It sits above the underlayment and forms the exterior barrier against various elements. Shingles have been in use for many years in residential roofing. However, tiles and shingles are only two of the several types of materials that you can use to cover your house roof. The other materials include metal, wood shingles, and concrete.

Ice & Water Barrier

Every residential roof is susceptible to water intrusion on the ridges, valleys, and edges. These are the typical areas where rainwater can be collected, and ice dams can easily occur. Most of these areas also tend to have seams that water can easily exploit. Ice & water barriers provide the much-needed extra fortification and sealing to such areas. The ice & water barriers are made of a robust membrane material which helps in repelling off the water.


Decking is the structural framework that makes up the foundation for every other part of a roof. During your new roof installation, your roofer will begin by laying down new decking. A roof can be constructed with a variety of decking materials, including oriented strand board, plywood, or metal. Once the decking material has been chosen, it is attached to the home with nails. By creating a structurally strong decking, your roofer will lay a solid foundation for the rest of your roof.


Underlayment is a term that is used to describe the part of the roof that is attached directly to the decking. The underlayment of a roof creates a strong surface for the shingles. Typically, roof underlayments are made of felt that has been strengthened with asphalt. Once the underlayment has been placed, your new roof will be ready for the final phases of installation.

Drip Edge

A roof's drip edge is also sometimes referred to as the eave flashing. This roof component is used to secure the underlayment in place. After the underlayment has been installed on the roof, the drip edge is placed along the edges, eaves, and gutters. The primary function of the drip edge is to prevent water from building up under the shingles of the roof.


Vent baffles are vital to the health and performance of your house roof. An inadequately ventilated house roof can lead to numerous problems. Inadequate ventilation can cause the water vapor emanating from the daily chores in your house such as bathing and cooking to condense inside your house attic. Good ventilation facilitates sufficient airflow below the deck which helps in regulating the temperature and keeping it dry. Vents are the essential components of roofs.


This is the common area between two roof fields that tend to make an inward angle. This is the area where a leak is most likely to occur. The two conventional methods that are used to eradicate valley leaks are the laced/woven valley and the more prevalent cut/ California valley. The two methods are mostly used with metal flashing to increase the lifespan of your roof.

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