Roof Flashing Repair in Utah

Are you noticing water stains on your ceiling? Is water trickling down your chimney after a heavy rain? Do you see signs of roof damage that need to be addressed?

The roof serves the incredibly important purpose of keeping your home safe from any elements that Mother Nature may throw at it. And as you know from living in Utah, Mother Nature has more than enough to throw at it throughout the year. That's why here at Vertex Roofing Contractors, our professionals have the most comprehensive roofing repair knowledge and we only use the finest products. While many homeowners are intimidated by the cost of a new roof - which can range anywhere from $7,000 to $14,000 on an average single-family home depending on various factors and type of roof - the good news is that roof repair can be performed at a more affordable price point. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of roof flashing and proper flashing repair.

Roof Flashing Repair Salt Lake City, Utah - Vertex Roofing Contractors

What is Roof Flashing Repair?

Flashing is material that's essentially used to bridge the gap between the roof and any fixture installed within or adjoining to the roof, directing water runoff away so it can safely travel to the gutters. These fixtures often include the likes of:

  • Skylights
  • Vents
  • Chimneys

Flashing is important for the purpose of preventing water and moisture from getting beneath the shingles and siding, not only potentially wreaking havoc on the roof, but the structural integrity of your home. For instance, if water and moisture were to get beneath the roof shingles or into the siding, there's the potential for wood rot, mold growth and leaks to occur.

Being that different parts of your roof (i.e, skylights, chimney, vents) require different types of flashing, it's paramount to have flashing installed and/or repaired by a professional who knows how to perform the job correctly.

Metal Roof Flashing Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Flashing is commonly constructed from either metal, plastic, or composite materials. Though it's typically a little bit more expensive than plastic or composite flashing, metal is also the most durable material for such purposes and the longest-lasting. Plastic and composite flashing is generally more affordable upfront, but it deteriorates faster, notably from sun exposure, thereby requiring more frequent repair over time.

Roof Valley Flashing Repairs

In addition to being placed around vents, skylights, and chimneys, flashing is also commonly installed in roof valleys. Roof valleys are areas in a roof, typically on two-story homes, that channel water down to the gutters so it can be safely dispersed away from the home.

However, flashing can become damaged in these valleys when shingles are lifted or damaged over time. Repairing the flashing in roof valleys involves removing the shingles covering the area and then replacing and sealing the flashing and roof shingles. This can be a bit more extensive of a repair, but being that valleys take on so much water throughout the year, it's one that shouldn't be put off. Look for abnormal shingles, mold or fungal growth or water stains inside the home to determine whether or not your home's roof valleys need attention.

Get a Free Estimate on Professional Roof Flashing Repairs from Vertex Roofing Contractors in Utah

Like we said before, the best way to prevent flashing issues is to have roof flashing installed and repaired by a professional, credible roofing company such as Vertex Roofing Contractors. Cutting corners on your roof, especially when it comes to the flashing, can leave your home in serious jeopardy, potentially not just resulting in roof damage but extensive interior water damage and mold infestation. All roofing professionals at Vertex Roofing Contractors are trained and certified in every aspect of roof installation and repair to provide the highest quality of workmanship to customers. For more information on roof flashing and to schedule, a free roofing repair or replacement estimate, contact Vertex Roofing Contractors in SLC, Utah by calling (801) 639-0477 today.

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