Re-roofing a home is a major decision, and owners are smart to consider their options before they undertake such a massive project. However, sometimes this line of thought leads people to wait too long and it causes them to spend more than repair costs. Damage from a faulty roof can spread all over the house, and ruin your walls, floors and property. While water leakage is usually the first sign of the structural defects in your roof, there are other signs that you need to replace it. We here at Vertex Roofing Contractors in Utah have been in the business for years, and we are the best choice if you do need a roof replacement.

Here are some tips to know before you decide to use our services.

Man Thinking About House RoofWhat Are The Signs I Need A New Roof?

You may not be a contracting expert, but you can notice some obvious signs you need a new roof, such as gaps in your roof letting light in through the ceiling. Also, be aware of sudden temperature changes. If your home has become drafty, it may not just be because air is leaking through the bottom of the doors. If you look at the roof and see that the shingles are falling apart or missing, then these are two major signs of decay that can't be ignored. You can also look out for chimney flashing disintegration. Flashing is any substance that will keep water out of your home, so if you start to see falling chunks of tar or crumbled cement down your chimney, then it may be time for a replacement.

Roofing Repair vs. Replacement

Obviously, repairing is going to be more affordable to a homeowner than replacing. Most homeowners would rather just patch up leaks, and move on with their lives, but if your roof is already showing signs of wear, the problem is only likely to get worse. You also need to take into account whether or not you'll be keeping your home for much longer. If you choose to replace just a few shingles due to targeted weather damage, then it's likely that the roof will be two different colors, and may make it more difficult to sell — it's a tell-tale sign to prospective buyers that the house may need some work. Roofing repair prices vary from contractor to contractor, but it may not even be all that much cheaper to repair than replace. For example, to repair one side may be close to several thousand dollars, where you would get a price discount if you did the full replacement with all four sides. If one part of your roof needs repairing, it's a good sign that it may be time to just get the whole thing replaced. No roof is meant to last a lifetime, and your home roof can only be expected to last for so many years.

What Should I Look For In A Contractor?

Your contractor should specialize in roof care. At Vertex Roofing Contractors, our job isn't to pressure you into a decision. We can give you expert tips and suggestions and let you take it from there. In addition to giving advice, we're also highly skilled in the following areas.

We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee and a full 50-year non-prorated CertainTeed/Owens Corning warranty for labor, material, tear off, and disposal fees for single family homes. A 25 Year Warranty on Workmanship is also available on single family homes.

Still have roofing questions? View our Utah Roofing Frequently Asked Questions for additional answers to your Utah Roofing Questions.

With so much experience, we've seen and successfully handled practically every scenario any homeowner in Salt Lake City could possibly imagine. There is no job too big for us to handle, so contact us here, or give us a call at (801) 447-5422 for a roofing quote.

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