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Owning a home comes with numerous responsibilities and many of these involve maintenance. When someone has been living in their home for several years, their roof is going to start to have problems. No matter how someone’s roof has been constructed, it is not going to last forever. A new roofing project can be expensive; however, this is also going to protect the family from harm. Therefore, it is vital to make sure this project is done right.

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Tear-Off Roofing and Overlay

There are two different types of roofing methods that people might have heard of. These are the tear-off method, which is where the roofing company removes the old roof and installs a new one, and an overlay roof, which is where the new roofing company simply places the new roof on top of the old one. Why do these methods matter?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Tear-Off Roofing Method

There are several benefits that come from a tear-off roofing method. These include:

  • The old roof is completely removed and a new roof is installed
  • Any rotting portions of the roof and removed and any problems hiding underneath will be uncovered
  • The new roof is going to be of better quality since the old roof is going to be removed
  • Any leaks or water risks will be discovered and repaired
  • A tear-off roof will typically last much longer than an overlay roof
  • A brand new roof is going to add significant value to a home

On the other hand, there are also a few words of caution that come from a tear-off roofing job. These include:

  • This method is typically more expensive than an overlay roof, which is why many people hesitate to invest in this method
  • This additional price comes from the extra labor that is required to complete this job
  • In some cases, this job may cost more than $1,000 extra
  • This method also usually takes longer to complete


The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Overlay Roof

The other method is the overlay roof method. There are several benefits that people should keep in mind when it comes to this method. They include:

  • This overlay roof is typically much less expensive
  • Since the old roof does not have to be removed, it is going to require less labor
  • Because there is less labor involved, the roofing project is going to be done more quickly

Now, it is also important for people to understand the drawbacks of an overlay roofing project. These include:

  • An overlay roof won’t last as long because added heat is going to degrade the shingles of the older roof
  • An overlay roof is going to add significant weight to the house which is a problem if the structure isn’t sound
  • This roof also may not look as good because the old roof is never removed.


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