Termite Damage - Vertex RoofingTermites consume the cellulose in wood and while a single termite can't cause much damage, a colony of thousands or hundreds of thousands of feeding termites can cause considerable damage to your roof and the rest of your property. While general repairs can be done by a contractor, only an expert roofing professional can perform necessary roof repair due to termites to fully restore the structural integrity of your roof.

Vertex Roofing, located in Salt Lake City, is a full-service roofing company proudly serving Utah residents for over 20 years. We offer affordable roof repair services to assess the extent of your termite damage and work with you to find the best possible solution to reliably repair damages and keep your roof in exceptional condition for years to come.

Whether you're dealing with extensive or critical termite damage or minor repair issues, the contracting professionals at Vertex Roofing will determine the best approach to fully repair and restore your roof. Use our 24-hour quick quote service for your FREE Roof Repair quote today!

Destructive Termite Species Responsible for Roof Damage in Utah

In the Beehive State, we have three destructive termite species that can cause structural problems and damage your roof. By identifying the termite species responsible for the damage, you will be well-informed to help make critical decisions about remediation and the subsequent property repairs you may be faced with. The most destructive termite species found in Utah include:

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites are extremely destructive to common building timbers, especially Douglas Fir. These little wood feasting critters will make a quick meal from the internal section of structural timbers. The Eastern Subterranean Termite prefers spring woods and will generally leave harder summer wood sections resulting in a thin, honeycombed layers packed with moist soil.
  • Arid-Land Subterranean Termites occur naturally in desert climates where they will naturally occur in deserts and have also been found living in altitudes over 7,000 feet in Utah. Also found in river lowlands, this voracious eater is not picky and will eat greasewood bushes, creosote and timber structures in homes and other buildings.
  • Swarming Drywood Termites launch a full-frontal assault by flying into a structure and directly infesting the wood. They will typically start with exposed wood in eaves, attics, door and window frames and trim. Your roof may be exposed to damage by these little devils where paper or shingles overhang molding or timber. Commonly, Drywood Termites are distributed to new locations by humans transporting infested wood or furniture to a new area.

Recognize the Signs of Termite Damage

Identifying a termite infestation can be tricky, but there are a few tell-tell signs that will help you determine If you have a damaged roof due to termites, including:

  • Visible Termites
  • Dead Termites in the Attic
  • Accumulated Dust-Like Residue (termite feces)
  • Sagging Roofline
  • Sagging Ceilings
  • Hollow-Sounding Timber
  • The Presence of Termite Mud Tubes
  • Unexplained Mold or Mildew Smell

When spotted, many homeowners mistake termites for winged or 'white' ants. But upon closer inspection, you'll find distinguishable differences like a soft pale body and straight antennae instead of the L-shaped antennae of ants.

Utah Roof Repair from Termite Damage

Fortunately, in Utah, roof damage caused by termites is rare. But if you find yourself in need of roof repair due to an infestation, you must first have the termite colony remediated by a professional. Then call the highly qualified experts at Vertex Roofing to determine the necessary steps that must be taken to safely repair the damage.

After an inspection, our experienced professionals will provide you with an estimate for repairs to fit your budget. While each roof repair project will depend on the extent of the damage, the general method for roof repair due to termite damage will be to provide a targeted solution for minimal damage and major materials repair and replacement for severe roof damage, as follows:

  • Roof Repairs for Minimal Termite Damage
    In most cases, Utah property owners will only experience minor roof damage due to termite infestation. To repair minor damage, your qualified Vertex Roofing Contractor will be able to specifically target repairs to save money and time. First the damaged materials will be removed, then replaced to fully restore your roofline and extend the lifespan of your roof by avoiding costly, subsequent repairs later on.
  • Roof Repairs for Severe Termite Damage
    Depending on the severity of the damage, the first step for major roof repair may be temporary framing to stabilize the weakened structure and allow more comprehensive repairs to be done safely without causing further damage to your home or office. Any affected main framing timbers will be removed and replaced along with damaged sheathing that was supported by the framing to stabilize a new roof deck. Each affected area will be similarly repaired and re-shingled along with any nearby materials to restore your home or office roof to its fully functional condition.

Vertex Roofing Handles Roof Repair Due to Termite Damage in Utah

For local, trusted roof repair services from termite damage in Utah, contact Vertex Roofing. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or give us a call at (801) 447-9298 to receive your free roof repair estimate with our amazing 24-hour quick quote service. At Vertex Roofing, we have years of experience and offer a wide variety of roofing services including replacements, inspections, and maintenance.

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